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 Amazing Athens and Superb Santorini

Amazing Athens and Superb Santorini


Inspirations Travels and Tours offers outstanding international holiday packages and international travel tours, operating in South Africa, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and Scandinavia. The company has a reputation for impeccable service and will help you to plan your ideal holiday suiting all your requirements.

With fantastic value for money, great reviews and a collective experience of over 100 years in the industry, this is a company which you can trust. Whether you picture yourself drinking cocktails in a white washed villa surrounded by bougainvillea’s overlooking the turquoise ocean in Greece or camel trekking through the sparse red dunes of the Sahara – use ITT’s easy to navigate website and helpful, informative staff to find your perfect international tour packages.

Greece has a long-standing reputation for being an idyllic tourist destination. The ancient country has a glorious past and you can sense the history and timelessness as soon as you arrive. A fascinating mix of old integrating with new, this is an upbeat cosmopolitan city, where you can stroll down the streets and come across the Acropolis or visit a little sidewalk café and break plates with pizazz. Beautiful, charming, upbeat and character-filled; embrace the Greek laid-back lifestyle and love for life.


With a majestic past, this is a place once worshipped by gods and men, known as the birthplace of civilisation. The city of Aristotle and Socrates, when you walk these streets think of the people who have been here before you and immerse yourself in the history and culture surrounding you. Wonder at the astounding Acropolis, which is possibly Europe’s most famous archaeological monument or take a stroll through the old neighbourhood and marvel at the well-preserved architectural examples of all the different eras. A city of diversity, here you can dine with the locals in tucked away little street cafes, or shop until you drop in major designer stores. Visit the well-known Syntagma Square to see the remarkable Greek Parliament building along with many other examples of striking neoclassic architecture and pop into the numerous museums for a better understanding of Athens’s impressive past. At night, embrace the legendary nightlife of the city and party until sunrise.


The breath-taking serenity of Santorini will immediately enchant you and as the sun sets you will fall even further under her spell as the sea reflects the vivid colours of the sky casting the town in a golden glow. After an enormous volcanic explosion, Santorini was all that remained, set on high steep cliffs leading to a large lagoon and the Aegean Sea.  Enjoy phenomenal vistas of the volcano and surrounding islands while padding down pebbled beaches, next to crystal clear, turquoise waters. Once a small fishing village, this is now one of the world’s most desirable destinations and as soon as you set eyes on the white washed villas and cobbled streets, surrounded by purple and crimson bougainvillea, it is easy to see why. It is a place to fall in love with and the lifestyle offered is as idyllic as the setting itself.

If you are planning a trip to Greece or looking for another International travel tour or holiday package, then use Inspirations Travels and Tours user-friendly website and knowledgeable staff to come up with the perfect itinerary.