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 Greek Islands - East Aegean Islands

Greek Islands - East Aegean Islands


The Greek Islands have a charm and allure which draws repeat visitors year after year. The white-washed buildings with their distinctive blue-green shutters, beaches, tavernas and nightlife all combine to offer a relaxed holiday. The islands are grouped geographically and combining two or more islands within the same island group by ferry and hydrofoil, is a great way to create your own “island-hopping holiday”.


The close proximity to Turkey, coupled with each island’s distinctive character, ease of access and well-developed tourist facilities, make these islands popular with visitors. The best-known islands are:


Rhodes: Rhodes, or Rodos, is the Crusader Isle, steeped in ancient history and boasting 300 days of blue skies each year. It lies at the southern end of the Dodecanese chain of islands that follows the line of the Turkish coast. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. The most popular beaches on Rhodes lie along the north and east coastlines. Rhodes receives more holiday visitors than virtually any other Greek island. The attraction is not just the long summer season and the sandy beaches but also the remarkably well preserved medieval city of Rhodes itself, castles galore courtesy of the Crusader Knights of St John, and a hilly, forested interior with some lovely landscapes. A ferry operates between Rhodes and the Turkish town of Marmaris.

Kos: The town of Kos, which is the capital and port of the island, is an archaeological
paradise. The ruins of the excavated ancient Kostown and the castle of the knights are the first thing that will catch your sight when arriving at the port. See the famous sycamore tree of Hippokrates, under which it is said that this important physician of antiquity used to teach. Two mosques, several churches, beautiful buildings, a local market, the squares of Eleftherias and Agias Paraskevis and scenic stone paved alleys all add to the charm of the town. The island is also fringed by excellent swimming beaches for those that tire of the antiquities. Kos has a ferry connection with Bodrum in Turkey.

Patmos: Patmos is one of Greece’s most sacred islands and exudes historical and religious significance. St. John wrote the Book of Revelation in a grotto overlooking the main town. Patmos’ mild, sunny climate, indented coastline with delightful bays and coves and numerous chapels combine to form a picture of unique beauty. Day trip by boat to the
isles of Arkoi, Marathi and Agathonissi are Kosavailable. The isles have beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters and are known for their rare flora and fauna.

Samos: Separated from the Turkish coast by the Mykale Straits, the island’s terrain displays considerable variety, small plains alternate with hilly regions, terminating in a gentle coastline. Samos is generally quieter than other popular Greek islands and attracts tourists who seek a quiet, yet cosmopolitan holiday.  The capital town is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Greece. Wander around the island and you will find extremely interesting natural and historical gems. Samos has a ferry connection with Kusadasi in Turkey