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 Greek Islands - Ionian Islands

Greek Islands - Ionian Islands


The Greek Islands have a charm and allure which draws repeat visitors year after year. The white-washed buildings with their distinctive blue-green shutters, beaches, tavernas and nightlife all combine to offer a relaxed holiday.  The islands are grouped geographically and combining two or more islands within the same island group by ferry and hydrofoil, is a great way to create your own “island-hopping holiday”.



Located on the west coast of Greece, these islands are generally characterised by being cooler and greener than other is lands. The most prominent are:

Corfu: The island of Corfu is an ideal destination for cosmopolitan and peaceful holidaying. Corfu has excellent tourist facilities; this, coupled with monuments, unusual architecture and gorgeous beaches, attract tourists throughout the year. In the north there are olive groves, green, lush valleys and an indented coastline with bays and coves. The central part is even greener than the north, with thickly wooded hillsides and fertile plains, whereas the southern section is flatter with less vegetation. The town of Corfu (Kerkyra) impresses and charms the visitor with its two forts, narrow streets, tall houses, arcades, Venetian-built Town Hall, church to Saint Spyridon, the Corfu Island’s patron saint, flower-filled gardens, and balconies with their superb wrought-iron fences.


Kefallonia: Kefallonia reached fame through the popular novel “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”, which was filmed on location on the island. The numerous villages of Kefallonia are all picturesque and attractive. Many of them are located in the vast mountainous areas of the island while others can be found on its impressive coastline. You should not miss the fantastic village of Fiscardo which still has all its traditional and Venetian buildings, these survived the huge earthquake in 1953. The capital of the island, Argostoli, was virtually destroyed in the earthquake. It has since been rebuilt and is a good starting point to explore the island. Kefallonia’s beaches all have fine golden or white sand and magnificent emerald waters. Some of the beaches are large and popular, whilst others are coiled up in picturesque little bays and have no tourist facilities.



Zakynthos: Have a swim at the wide sandy beaches accompanied by sea turtles, go snorkelling or scuba diving between rocks and in underwater caves. Enjoy the great weather and let yourself be swept away by the rhythms of Zakynthian life. The island combines quiet rural life with tourist facilities of a high standard. Beautiful, green countryside, clean, white cliffs and sandy beaches, and several ancient monuments make Zakynthos a favourite for many.