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 Travel to Turkey

Travel to Turkey!



Turkey is renowned as a wonderful holiday destination of choice, due to its fascinating history, rich cultural heritage and tremendous beauty. The country is a fascinating blend of Eastern and European influences and has often been described as the ‘meeting point between East and West.’ 
Numerous people opt for international holiday packages to Turkey, wishing to witness the astonishing city for themselves. The result of thirteen successive civilisations and dating back over 10, 000 years, the region has an alluring mysticism and boasts numerous treasures, particularly in terms of its architectural splendour. 
Turkey began as the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium, which later grew into the imperial city of Constantinople, under the directions of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great. The city endured as one of the only remaining outposts of the Roman Empire for almost 1000 years, before Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II conquered it in 1453. 
It expanded tremendously under Ottoman rule and became a significant political and commercial hub with a rapidly growing population. It was only during World War I that the Ottoman rule was defeated and the allies occupied the area. The War of Independence took place in 1923 and resulted in the birth of the Republic of Turkey – the country that we are familiar with today. 
Apart from its historical and architectural splendour, Turkey is also a country of tremendous natural beauty – climb towering sheer-faced cliffs, or sink your toes into the soft white sands of pristine beaches. If you are culturally inclined, then Turkey is your mecca – visit the myriad spice markets and bazaars in the region and choose from an enticing array of goods, not to mention delectable foods, heavily accented with fragrant spices.  
No visit to Turkey is complete without a visit to the Hamam – these Turkish baths are well-known for their healing properties and are a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. If you’re exploring Istanbul, take some time to wander around the historic centre, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and marvel at the remarkable architecture while soaking up the enigmatic and enchanting atmosphere. Turkey is a popular spot for international travel and tours because of its cosmopolitan feel and enthralling past.